I'm Daphne. I study at Utrecht University, have been horse riding all my life, I have my own small-scale stable and I am chronically ill. This has been my definition of myself for years. Who am I really? It took me a long time to find out and it appears to be quite difficult to describe. What can I already tell you? I like to travel and i love animals and people. I always had the big dream of becoming a doctor, working with children and animals and traveling the world. That is what I'm working hard on now. Soon I am graduating and hopefully go to work in a children's hospital or clinic. My stable is there, where I love to give riding lessons, train horses and where we breed on a small scale. And about the traveling? I currently live in Bali and travel from here. I have seen a lot of beautiful things and there are still a lot on my bucket list! I will tell you more about this in my blogs.

Why the name DNA Travels Life? DNA are my initials (Yes indeed! I still wonder how my parents could have come up with this). Travels Life stands for the beautiful travels I am allowed to make around the world, but also for my personal travel through life.

I like to take you on an adventure and hope to inspire, motivate and entertain you with my stories.

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