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    Bali; My second home

    Hi dear travel lover, The past few months I have lived and worked in Bali. In this period, of course, I also explored this beautiful island. I would like to take you along the highlights of Bali. Canggu I have lived the whole period in Pererenan, a small village of Canggu. My favorite places in Pererenan are Wasabi, for fantastic sushi, Mandira's, Beer & Pizza and Santorini. If we wanted to get quickly, cheaply, but good food after work, we would go to Mana's cafe. For going out you have to be at La Brisa. This is a hip tent on the beach. It gives me the feeling of a very big...

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    Rehabilitation, heart surgery number 2 and ME?

    Hi dear reader, In the previous blog I told you about the path I took until I got my diagnosis and about the subsequent heart surgery. I will continue where I left off. The period after my first heart surgery was difficult. On the one hand came the realization that I had to be grateful that I came out of the operation well. On the other hand, the tellor position that they failured to make me better was huge. At that time I was very uncertain about my future and did not know what to focus on. That ultimately became the rehabilitation. After a...

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